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Discover 7 Reasons For Yo-Yo Dieting In Women

Understanding the problem of dieting is half the battle!

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  • …why you’re doomed to yo-yo for as long as you’re buying into the ‘All you have to do is eat less and exercise more’ myth. (Most traditional diets will simply keep you yo-yoing – losing, gaining, losing, gaining – and cost you money and disappointment year after year.)
  • …the 7 main reasons why weight loss diets don’t work, never worked and will never work
  • …why weight loss diets only bring short-term resultsĀ (but what you really want are long-term results: lose your weight and keep it off forever).
  • …why weight loss diets inevitably lead to cravings and hunger attacksĀ (depleting the body of vital nutrients can never be the solution).
  • …why binging is not a matter of willpower (debunking the ‘all you need is more willpower’ myth).
  • …why diets are against your body’s own nature.
  • …and much, much more!

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